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I am a motorcycle enthusiast through and through. I love them all.  I'm particularly obsessed with sports bikes.  Each bike has its own characteristics which makes them all individually good.

I like all brands. I don't think its the right idea to stick solely one brand, as that's where the competition is and that creates variety. With variety we get better models, Now is the best time to be a biker as the bikes get safer and the performance gets better.

My goal is to create a show based on motorcycles that's fun for everybody to watch and to show a side, that is not seen by everyone.

With dreams of becoming as big as top gear in the Motorcycling segment, this is just the start.

Part of the purpose of this site is to create a community of like minded people and have a forum to share ideas and views away from negativity on other social media platforms.

With enough members it may be possible to even have members invited out to share some experiences.

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